Welcome to The St. Asaph Archaeology Society.

The Society was formed in October 2004 by a small group of amateurs with a keen interest in investigating the fascinating material remains of human life and activities of St Asaph and its environs in North East Wales. The membership has since grown considerably with over 70 members now attending the courses, talks, site visits and site investigations organised by the committee.

Membership is only £15 per year with a contribution of £1.50 per meeting and visitors are always welcome to any of the events at a cost of £3. Our talks take place at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month (no meeting in August) at St Asaph Cricket Club close to the Library, off The Roe. If you would like further information on joining or any of the society's activities or can help us in any way please get in touch with one of the officers in the contacts list.

Keep an eye on this website to follow the fortunes of the group by reading the regular online newsletter, updates on the programmed events, contact information and also our Facebook page to see last-minute news.

Contact Us Mail: andrewthos@aol.com Mail: asphipps@btinternet.com Mail: bevfluclive@flutinet.wanadoo.co.uk




Andrew Thomas 01745 583100

Andrea Phipps 01745 570141

Beverly Webber

Mail: racingsnakemedia@gmail.com


William Evers-Swindell


 Chair - Andrew Thomas        Vice-Chair - Andy Hawkins    Secretary  -Andrea Phipps   Treasurer - Andrew Thomas   Programme - Andrea Phipps   Archivist - Bev Webber   Member - Trish Booker   Member - Paul Parry      Advisor- Sarah Pevely

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